Boarders blossom on the edge of the Cotswolds

Burford School

‘There has never been a better time to become a boarder at a British boarding school. Standards in education and in pastoral care have probably never been higher.’

So says the advice from UK Boarding Schools who provide impartial advice on boarding. Certainly at Burford School boarding numbers are growing and interest is high.  ‘We have a good balance of students from abroad and from within the UK’, says Housemistress Mrs Kaaber..  ‘Nationalities range from Nigerian, to American, Romanian to Thai and alongside our UK students this creates a rich and diverse community in which friendships across the world are made and students get to know and understand a little of each other’s cultures.

There is an increasing tendency amongst UK parents to board their children relatively close to home.  By doing so, parents are able to attend events at the school, sports matches and of, course parents’ evenings, which is good for all concerned.

Currently taking just under 100 boarders, with quite a few whose parents living within easy reach of Burford, the students benefit from the stability and camaraderie of Burford’s close knit boarding community, the attention of boarding tutors and supervised prep to ensure high academic achievement.  They’re also able to to access the wide range of extra-curricular activities that are held every evening and at weekends.

Music is a particular strength of the school and they are now offering two scholarships to students from Years 9-12.  This, together with the level of fees (£3,300 per term) means that the boarding experience of community, strength and independence is something that many more parents are now able to offer their children.

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