Learn to be a Knight – NEW classes in Oxfordshire

Swords at the ready...

“By offering our children this gift from especially an early age, we can empower them to achieve massive success later on.”

 As parents, we all want our children to grow with confidence, imagination and strong leadership skills. We turn to things like drama classes, sports clubs and, more recently, martial arts schools.

Knights of Sol is a new concept rolling out across Oxfordshire, a medieval martial arts class where youngsters can develop their values and learn the essential skills that are needed to become strong leaders.

Its founder, Jonathan Van De Walle, aims to develop the non-profit organisation so that by the time the knights reach adulthood they will be fully equipped to face challenges as ‘modern knights’.

“I find that many young people today lack strong principles to guide them and they tend to give up easily when things get difficult. In a nutshell, we are failing to equip our children with the moral principles, life skills and resilience they need to succeed in life. We have effectively gone from the extreme discipline and competitiveness of Ancient Sparta to the extreme self-indulgence and victimhood of today.”


The ‘Knights of Sol’ Lifestyle

In order to achieve ‘modern knighthood’ KOS teaches a warrior lifestyle including concepts which are often used in the adult-world of corporate development. It teaches a modern type of chivalry which all of their members learn to live by. It also offers a chance for children to be part of a group where they can develop in rank – much like with belts in traditional martial arts – whilst learning about teamwork and leadership.

All of this is taught in a friendly, fun environment which gives children the chance to bond with other young people who share the same outlook.


So, what’s involved in the classes?

  • A gentle and fun introduction to knightly arts
  • Games and team-building scenarios that will teach problem-solving and leadership.
  • Fitness routines and exercises
  • Learning armed and unarmed combat techniques


How is this different to something like Tae-Kwondo or Judo?

The main difference is variety – whilst traditional martial-arts is a great way to encourage discipline and competitiveness, what medieval martial arts teaches is everything all in one package. Unlike Judo and Taekwondo, which are now taught mainly as sports, medieval martial arts focus on the techniques which would have been used by medieval knights in a variety of situations including battles, unarmoured duels and even street brawls.

There is more opportunity for exciting team matches and battle scenarios, alongside one-on-one competitions.


Where do I sign up?


Abingdon – Christchurch Hall

Sessions will run on Thursdays from 4pm to 6pm (starting from September 14th)
Open to all children ages 6 onwards


As a non-profit society, Knights of Sol has been supported by The Knight Shop, who have been incredibly generous from the very beginning by donating and subsidising some of their new equipment – all of which helps run the classes that are so important in teaching children the virtues that the organisation is all about.


Pick’s Verdict:

We’re very excited about this brand new class for kids of all ages to get involved in. This really does combine fitness, leadership skills, virtues and fun all in one package. Hopefully, more classes will be available soon so that more kids get to experience what is surely a stepping-stone in child development!